Lovely Buffet..!
Lovely... Funeral Tea
We like to keep things simple..!
Arranging a funeral is a horrid duty. So, at this difficult time, we just try to keep it as simple as we can for you.

Our CLASSIC FUNERAL TEA menu is straightforward, no-nonsense, and there is plenty of familiar but delicious foods for your guests to enjoy. All we need to know is when, where, how many guests and any special dietary needs, and we can get on with it with a minimum of fuss.

If you need, we can also provide a full drinks service with tea, coffee served to white crockery and soft drinks too. You also get a member of our team to assist your guests, and to tidy and clear at the end of service.

CLASSIC Funeral Tea
Mixed cold finger buffet. Available with drinks service and staff
Classic Funeral Tea
  • Sandwiches on locally baked cobs with simple fillings such as ham, cheddar, tuna mayo and egg mayo. Selection of savoury items such as quiche, sausage rolls, pork pie, and samosa.
  • Slices of loaf cake. Disposable plates and napkins.
  • Delivered to your venue
£5.75 / person
How to Book
Booking a funeral tea - How it works
Making your decision
If you need catering, you can choose the level of service you need, the Classic, Classic with Drinks, or one of our value Packages. If you're not sure, why not just ask us? We've catered hundreds of events, and we will advise you honestly. Call Neil on 07730 982474 anytime to chat.
When you book us for your event.
As time is usually pretty short for the making of arrangements, we just need the date, time, venue and which of our menu's you want. We email you a booking confirmation to make sure we both understand exactly what you want to happen, and there are no misunderstandings.
Finalising the details.
A couple of days before, we check over the final details. If your numbers have changed, (as they sometimes do...), we can make the adjustments to the final price. This will also be the time we need to know about any special dietary needs. Once this is all settled, then we agree if you are paying by card or transfer at the time, or whether you'd prefer to pay cash on the day.
Then we're all set!
On the day.
We deliver what we've agreed, at the time agreed and either set out the food for you or serve it to your guests depending on the menu.
What can we do to help you?
Fill out the form below, or give the owner Neil Parkin a call on 07730 982474.
What kind of Catering were you thinking of?
Do you have a date agreed for the funeral?
What time do you want the food to be served from?
At what address is the funeral tea to be served?
How many guests are you expecting?
Feel free to add more details if you like.
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