Lovely Buffet..!
Lovely... Business Catering..!
Lunch is really important..!

It can make or save any meeting. It's a vital time for networking, relaxing or regrouping. If its an all day session it can providing fresh energy and impetus for the afternoon. If its a shorter meeting, you can start or finish the session on a high. The food must support those needs.

Our no-nonsense formula works for all our business catering. It's got to be fresh, great quality and attractively presented. It's got to be simple, varied and easy to eat. Its just got to be generous and really enjoyable..!

You can be sure that your catering is in safe, professional hands.

This is what we offer to our clients
Lovely quality food
Always fresh, wholesome food, produced that day. We can work to your menu's and give you exactly what you want.

We can also provide waters and juices, teas and coffee if you wish.
We've been doing this since 2009 and service more than 1,000 events each year.

We're all fully qualified in Food Hygiene and have served everyone from Dukes and Lords to the guys from the shop floor.
We know we're only as good as our last buffet, and we never let our clients down.

Even late orders and changes are something we accept as part and parcel, and it's always 'no problem'.
Versatile and Resourceful
We like our catering to make your guests happy. When can deal with any request, allergy or dietary requirement.

If there are any special requests we will do our utmost to deliver what you need.
Online Ordering
We have an online ordering system, which our clients love. Its so easy to book and see what events we have in the diary.

Instead of hoping we noticed your email, or remembered to write it down, we both know what is happening with your order.
Accounts and Card Payments
For one off orders we take payments in cash and by card. e-Invoices are issued.

If you have a regular requirement for catering, we offer monthly accounts and accept BACS and Direct payments.
What can we do to help you?
We can provide any buffet for you but these are the sort of thing our clients like.
(If you order often, like more than once a week, we can talk about discounts)
Simple Lunch
  • A good selection of well filled meat and vegetarian sandwiches.
  • Tray bakes or flapjacks
  • Sharing bowl of Handcooked crisps
  • Fruit Selection
  • Disposable plates and napkins, if you need them...
from £4.80/person
Superior choice
  • A good selection of well filled luxury meat and vegetarian sandwiches.
  • Selection of canapes and savoury finger food
  • Sharing bowl of Kettle Chips
  • Selection of cakes
  • Fruit Platter
  • Disposable plates and napkins, if you need them...
from £8.95/person
Need to arrange some catering..?
If you have an event in the future, or you need to arrange some catering now,
why not call us, or send us a quick message to tell us about it.

You can call Neil Parkin, Director on 07730 982474 anytime, or fill in the form below.
We'll do all we can to help you.
You can make your enquiry or booking here. It's not confirmed until we get back to you and let you know.

If you need service today or tomorrow, please call us instead of using the form.
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